Tuesday, February 17, 2009

family memories

This picture isnt of my current family whom I was born too,no this is a picture taken around 1937 in Karachi which is now Pakistan. It is a group of meditators who had just started meditating together during a period of absolute turmoil and destruction, notably the time of partition when India was given its sovereignty and Hindus and Moslems were at each others throats in a power and religious struggle in the wake of Mahatma Gandhi being assassinated, from this was born Pakistan,India,Bangladesh etc and the group Im involved in today The Brahma Kumaris also was born, thru the instrumentation of the royal looking man in the background, Brahma Baba.Now is approximately 75 years later.Alot has changed and now service has spread too all the countries of the world.And is growing stronger, the main teaching is we are all souls the children of the Supreme Soul and soon it is time to go home:)