Monday, May 15, 2017

The constant voice

Today we're going too cover inner talk, this can include our daily, second by second, mind talk, mantras, meditation commentaries, self realizations etc.

You know that idle chatter that nags us every second of the day, sometimes leading too irrational decisions, judgements or day too day navigation. Meditation teaches us the skill of being the observer of the mind, not the slave but a witness so we can be detached and not perform some of my actions or be consumed by some of my feelings, it creates space between thoughts.

Practical examples seem too exemplify what I'm talking about. This news reporter from America had a on air panic attack in front of 5 million viewers coaxing him too seek further help and introspection
He later produced a book and App around the subject which you may find beneficial. Especially if your skeptical and lazy about meditation.

The Book and website These are beneficial or just go too my links at the top of this blog on mediation. My favourite is I .

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Be in touch with reality

The best teacher is the world. Its good too be in solitude for a while too clear your past karma , but even ashrams and mountains are crutches which must be cast off too see your true self.
As a famous guru once said,

The real peace, the real silence, needs to be tested here in the world, in the marketplace. If it is disturbed that simply shows it was very superficial – you have to go deeper into it. And the marketplace is helpful to show you.

Deep in the mountains there is no way to know whether your silence is deep or just superficial. You can remain silent for your whole life and die and the silence will be just skin-deep because there is nothing to disturb it, so you cannot see how deep it is.

I want the religious person to be in the world, not of the world – in the world, because the marketplace is the place where you are tested every moment. You should be grateful to the marketplace because it continuously makes you aware of where you are. The day nothing disturbs you, nothing makes any difference to your silence . . . This can be realized only in the marketplace, not in the Himalayas.

In the Himalayas there is every possibility of falling into a fallacy – because the silence of the Himalayas will not disturb your silence. The silence of the Himalayas will give you a false notion – that it is your silence. And you have only a thin layer, a poor layer.

I am against renouncing the world.
I am absolutely for the world.
The world is a great school.

Experiment, meditate, and be constantly in touch with things which disturb you. One day nothing will be disturbing, and that will be the day of great rejoicing.

— O S H O

Never Born
Never Died
Only Visited this
Planet Earth between

Friday, October 28, 2016

Ego is not a dirty word

Today we will be discussing ego and the truth behind our quest  as humans , as modern people , too create an ivory tower of thoughts, values, credentials and material assets too feather our illusive nest. Don't be fooled by this topic as being one-eyed, this ego also develops as spirituality, knowledge connoisseurs , and emotional clap trap. A very good describer of this phenomenon of ego as opposed too understanding the self, is the great Stuart Wilde who describes how the ego-centred mind craves noise and information of the false self, of your occupation, status in society etc. etc. So basically the ego centred mind craves lower vibrations associated with modern society and possessions. But the soul in its original vibration is of a high vibration of concentration, of peace , of silence, of world connectedness and virtue. Thus things like meditation and positive thinking naturally evoke that original feeling or record of ourselves as peaceful and noble beings before we were poisoned with lower vibrations. Here's a taste of Stuart Wilde and his brilliant explanations . Now here is a link concentrating more on the aspect of the mind .

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Filling our minds with entertainment

In this post I will be focusing on how we as human beings naturally look outside our own higher self's too excite our minds, consume our souls and too keep us occupied. The world at the moment is full of lower vibrations or neutral, ready too  intimidate us. The biggest enemies are I phones and websites. They of course aren't actually the enemy, the enemy is idle hands and lack of self identity. If you have the thirst for meditation, these forces will still be there but they wont consume you. The concentrated mind and content heart will always win over lower vibration influences, though some one with a higher consciousness will definitely feel the pain, but the crucifix is turned into a thorn. I run my own business at the moment and the highs and lows of business can eat away at your happiness and concentration, but I've all my clients are special souls and uplifting people, so like does attract like. Entertainment is a normal prerequisite of higher consciousness as well, we're not aliens, but the viewer isn't dependent on external entertainment but on sublime intoxication of the self and the impact I am having on my town, country and fellow beings. I explore this topic much more in depth in my website Star wars

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Best way too combat stress is meditating, but  don't  get stressed  trying too achieve  a state of concentration.  That too can be a hindrance.  Once you begin too experience your original self, slowly but surely the equilibrium will occur in your own life and eventually in your own heart. I have been meditating for 30 years, first of all in a group, now more independenty, and my life has moved forward in leaps and bounds. My own business, holidays, steady girlfriend, close family and contentment in life. I am a vegetarian but have a few drinks and love having tantric sex. I think one pointed meditation is the best way, as pointed out by the Dalai Lama. Even a leading lawyer in the war crimes court takes the time too meditate too relieve stress.. Check this out
Have fun !!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Diet actually plays a huge part in our ability  too meditate and too stay positive. What we eat clearly shows our attitudes towards  all living beings, that is  towards our understanding  of the soul. An enlightened soul will automatically  have love and empathy  towards  all life , including  environment.  So thus you can see why  an enlightened  soul would be a vegetarian  or vegan. This  isn't  always the case, some people  who eat plant based diets can also be assholes lol. But believe me it will help your concentration in meditation and in life in general. Heres a good website too back up my

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mental fatigue

What are the implications of mental fatigue?

People who are mentally fatigued are not at their best. This can lead to poor health, less creativity, lower productivity, compromised customer service, and suboptimal team work. The end result is lower profits and shareholder returns.
Perhaps just as worrying, is the belief by those surveyed that their leaders don’t have the will OR the skill to address this fatigue and create a high performing culture.
Research conducted by James Bailey and published in Harvard Business Review, revealed that whilst 79% of the surveyed 127 senior executives (from 18 countries) say they recognize the importance of renewal, only 35% say their firms have programs to encourage such activities.
More surprising is the finding that executives who recognize the value of renewal don’t do much to encourage their own direct reports to follow their example. Only 50% say they encourage renewal activities among their staffs.

Why is this so?

To quote Bailey:
“My interviews with corporate leaders suggest that the reason may have to do with the power of the corporate culture of soldiering on. Executives may worry that colleagues would snicker if they knew about the stamp collection or the daily meditation sessions. These vital activities might be perceived as signs of weakness.
So one of the most important things an organization can do to help executives reduce stress is to disabuse people of the idea that stoicism equals strength. They need to educate managers not only about the dangers of stress but also about the need for activities that reduce it. They should make it clear that the kind of strength the organization needs isn’t the strength of clenched teeth and masked feelings, but the strength that comes from reduced tension – in other words, that there is power in renewal.”

But what if things could be different?

What if we abandoned the (mostly) macho veneer of bravado identified by Bailey, and had some authentic conversations about what is really going on for leaders and their teams?
What if leaders led by example and committed to rituals that boosted their resilience, mood, and performance. In fascinating research conducted byTony Schwartz in collaboration with HBR, over 19,000 employees around the world were asked if their leaders modelled sustainable work life balance. He found that only 25% believed their leader lived a sustainable life.  Those leaders’ employees were found to be:
  • 55% more engaged,
  • 72% higher in health wellbeing,
  • 77% more satisfied at work, and
  • 15 times more likely to stay at the company.
  • They also reported more than twice the level of trust in their leaders.
What can we do about this?
We all (and particularly leaders)   need to create rituals that build our resilience, mood, and performance. Below are a couple of ideas you can take action on today.
Develop your Leadership Resilience. Sign up for our free 7 Rituals of the Resilient Leader poster and course to learn how to create rituals that build your resilience, mood, and performance.

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