Thursday, February 19, 2009


Have you,when visiting another country, particularly India or Asia been called a FOREIGNER either too your face or muttered in the background in another language or just through body language, sometimes when your touring around India as soon as you get off the plane you can see the dollar signs flashing in the locals eyes, I dont even receive unemployment support but due too past memories etc these people think I,m rich.Actually I am Im a multimillionaire of the spiritual sense.Anyhow to get to the point, I think most people of today are in a foreign kingdom, in other words this world today of materialism,glitz and glamour, technology, huge populations, etc etc is like an ALIEN WORLD of what I the soul subconsciosly am use too, practically I was born in Tasmania which is and was like a church yard in comparison too where I was brought up, Queensland the wild west of AUSTRALIA so I too felt out of my comfort zone there but I soon warmed up too it,got my experience in life there. In deep meditation I can communicate with those ancient times when Heaven was on earth, when the lion and the lamb slept together, when gold was the local building commodity and diamonds were spewed out on the ground like quartz or sand,where people hardly spoke because it wasnt necessary, the average lifespan was 150 years, everyone felt as one,equal, one family,and religion wasnt necessary because everyone was god like,no sorrow or famine and disease. These memories can be seen in all cultures,Heaven,Vaikunth,the Greek Patheon, Elldorado etc etc. Try for 10 minutes too picture these idealic cultures and times,do it for your self