Monday, February 16, 2009


These are probably the 3 things that all people want in the world, then they would be content, Usually on a whole we have one of these but not all 3 in balance and fruition because negativity or greed or some negative mechanism robs us of achieving our goals.This is because the world is rampant with immorality and oppurtunistic behaviour based on the 5 vices and so most of our activity as humans is connected too desire and ego more than reality and genuine love for our fellow man, it seems as though only in a time of crisis or irreversible failure will we show the true and divine side of our character and truly uplift and support our fellow man,this tends to be a growing trend. So how do we achieve Health ,Wealth and Happiness, all 3 at once. Well actually these manifest from our Karmic A/c of previous lives or this birth, what you sow so shall you reap, or what goes around comes around.For example if you donate alot of money too a hospital in your next birth you will be healthy, the problem is for your normal joe blow reincarnation is a fairytale and what do you have too wait a whole lifetime too reap your rewards,wow thats a slow investment return. The trouble is its true like it or lump it Patience is a virtue