Saturday, February 14, 2009

The speciality of Australians

Australians according too outsiders tend to be obnoxious,individualistic, lacking family values, sometimes even rood but on the flip side we all pull together in times of crisis or oppression, but why cant we do that normally on a day to day basis? I heard one prophet say because we lack spirituality,what all go too church, all take Holy Communion, all go down to the mosque and face Mecca and pray to Allah,all go to the temple and take darshan from the statue of Laxmi etc, no I dont think thats really spirituality. Spirituality to me is getting in touch with my inner self, my core being, my true self. The living self, the soul, my soul and then connecting with God, Allah, Jehovah, Paramatma,Shiv Baba, Sat Shri Akal etc who also in my experience is a living point of light who doesnt get caught up in the world of action or karma or mans desires etc Try it and tell me your experience