Sunday, February 1, 2009

एफ्फोर्ट एंड देतेर्मिनाशन अरे थे के तो success

Some people in the pursuit of perfection, or happiness, or wellbeing etc. go too church, go to the synogogue, take darshan from the Idol at the temple etc which are all admirable things, dont get me wrong.But they sometimes think God or the Higher power will automatically grant this request, will purify my mind,my sins,fix up my earthly problems etc. But the truth of the matter is I need to take the first step and then God will take 1000 steps.Just as if I want too earn 1000 dollars ,it wont just come in the mail to my address I need to go out and earn it in some form or another, the same in when becoming an angel I need too renounce some things ,change some behaviours,change alot of my attitudes so my consciousness, my vibration, my karmas are beginning too match the Supreme Souls. Just as when downloading a programme I need the correct web address or nothing happens. The same with meditation and also helping other souls all the dots must be dotted and the "t",s crossed.