Saturday, March 14, 2009

मेडिटेशन commentary

OK Souls now find yourself a quiet spot and concentrate on your breath,going in and out, this will focus your mind on the present.Now imagine yourself as a little child free from the concerns of the Adult world and your playing with your friend in a big old double story house,with its high ceilings and polished wood staircase. You both are feeling adventurous and begin too ascend the stairs, on the second level is a long hall with lots of rooms,the colour of the walls is of a full cream milk, at the end of the hall is an old oak door, very ornate, which leads upstairs into the attic. Turn the light on as you enter so your not frightened and climb the ladder too the attic. There you see an ancient Turkish rug with an old silver oil lamp. You both hop onto the carpet and your friend rubs the lamp.Low and behold the carpet lifts into the air and flys out the attic window, you look around it has just stopped raining and the sun is shining, the magic carpet flys towards a newly formed rainbow of seven colours. you fly too the first colour and it washes over you"Hi travellers of subtle world you have entered green the colour of Peace, then the colour of pink speaks, "Hi im the colour of love and will melt away all your anger and tension", then the third colour is of blue which is Happiness,"Hi im the happiness colour and am filling you full of bliss" ,and the fourth colour of purple of kindness , it washes over you ,and the fifth colour is red which is purity it washes over you,the sixth colour is indigo of contentment and the seventh colour is peach which is of fruition. All the colours fill your spirit and soul and all negativity evaporates into the sky. your friend rubs the lamp once again and in a second your back in the house. So whenever you feel troubled just remember this trick