Thursday, March 26, 2009

थे फस ठाट लौन्चेस अ थौसंद ships

Our physical face is like a clock face it tells the time and date of the soul, in other words what our mood is like, what our attitude is like,our past ,present and future.So if we are feeling vunerable, or confident etc we will attract those sort of souls and circumstances too us.It is the law of attraction or the law of karma. An angels face reflects God because they know they are the children of God, we are also the children of God but some of us don't know it or don't really feel it or acknowledge it.An angel will donate power and virtue through the face depending on the circumstances , i.e Peace,Forgiveness,Power etc. Through meditation we can contact our personal Angel or our original Angelic form. There are some in earlier postings on this blog, please check them out and have fun:)