Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Buddhist slant on meditation

O friends with intelligence
And with interests in the teachings
Listen well to some advice
That I offer from the depths of my heart

Although we wander endlessly in samsara
There is little space for lasting peace
Because of the negativity we carry within
Seek now the Ambrossia of immortality
the wisdom of conventional and ultimate truth

Keeping the body humble and at peace
Speaking neither unpleasantly nor deceptively
And keeping the mind absorbed in the spiritually beneficial
Course in the Dharmadhatu wisdom
Like a fish swimming in the Ocean
Free of the hooks of desire and attachment

The great King of trees now stands tall
Yet certainly it will one day age and dry
The lord of Death will certainly take us too
And if we are not prepared with knowledge
We shall no doubt know terror and regret

Like me,the countless living beings
Have been wandering in cyclic existance
Many times they have been a parent too me
And shone radiant kindness upon me
How unworthy not to respond to there sorrow
For the sake of all living beings we must
Strive in the practices bringing enlightenment

And if one does not retreat too the mountains
And accomplish the profound and difficult yogas
To refer to oneself as a yogi
resembles a jackal imitating the roar of a lion

Forget the endless materialistic pursuits
And learn to accept whatever comes
A precious Human rebirth is gained this once
Do not let it slip through your fingers
I urge you, use it meaningfully
Apply it to the spiritual path

Do not project deceptive ways
like a newly cast brass statue appears to be gold
Dwell in the vibrantly warm thought that encourages spiritual growth in one self and others

The present age rages with 5 degenerative conditions
Able too disrupt most paths too liberation
The oral condition coming from Master Atisha
Easily tranforms these into causes
Generating progress within fortunate trainers
Make contact with qualified lineage holders

And apply yourself to the methods
That use the conditions of the world steeped in negativeity
As causes of the altruistic state of knowledge

(master Atisha was a saint who came too Tibet from India and contributed to the development of Buddhism he taught Raja yoga techniques)