Monday, April 27, 2009

meditation time

Too Develop a Bodhimind of love and Compassion

First of all find yourself a quiet meditative spot and something too focus on
Now visualize the Mother,your Mother of this life
How she carried you in the womb for 10 months and before that how as a soul you searched out that family to be born in
See how much pain,discomfort and inconvenience she went through
Then see yourself emerging from the womb like a naked worm,helpless covered in blood and mucus,crying
She cleaned you up and swaddled you in warm blankets ,cradling you in her arms,putting you too her breast giving you warm life giving milk
She from then on put you first,her comfort and sleep became second too your needs
Even her will became yours,her every moment
Now she is old,wandering,aimless,cold, even dieing

Now with conviction I accept responsibility for her
her immediate suffering and loss and the indirect negativity in her mind
I see positive karma benefitting her,I accept her trials and tribulations

Now consider all your friends and relatives would in previous lives have been your mother or you there mother and bring those feelings of grattitude too them
practice giving and recieving grattitude and empathy
Now do the same with your enemies,all beings even lost and bodiless souls
establish that feeling of connection too them all
and turn the wheel of dharma of being one world family
Now visualize how death and rebirth over many lives have made souls crazy and confused
Meditate untill love and compassion arise in your mind and then meditate upon giving and taking
Even the great souls,religiuos souls,sages and saints,dharamatmas all now have blemishes and limited perceptions
fill them and your self with love and compassion as a mother too a child:)

(please note this is a visualization in steps too arise pure feelings only it practically may not have happened in your life Om Shanti)