Saturday, May 16, 2009

as is your vision so is the world

In Hindi they call this Drishti which is your attitude you project through your eyes.We just dont see things with our eyes,it also happens in reverse, whatever feeling or perception I have about the world or about a situation or a person that attitude is generated by the soul in the mind and then vibrated through the eyes too the outside world.A classic example is when your courting another person you first of all flirt with your eyes,they say that person has bedroom eyes, or when someone is angry,you may feel there tension without even looking at them, as soon as they enter the room, they say the room became cold with fear etc.Also positive and pure feelings are generated by the eyes and the third eye ie like Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Theresa, they say there presence was palatible, i.e. warm,sympathetic,enlightened.So in Raja Yoga philosophy we say either too have a soul conscious outlook or body conscious outlook:)