Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Developing intuition

Intuitive knowledge or intuition is developed , if you dont already have it,through the use of the discriminative faculty,or intellect is totally concentrated in whats called one pointed concentration,where no other thought or feeling enters the mind or intellect.A deep meditator can achieve this state and stay in this state for hours.I prefer too call it seed stage,this is when unwanted nature and feelings are burnt away and the soul is purified, we do this at Raja yoga by concentrating on God as a point of light and developing all human relationships with that being.So it is a continuous succession of moments in time,as an atom is a substance at which minuteness has reached its limits,so a moment is a division in time which minuteness has also reached its limits.Thus an moment is that much time in which an atom takes in leaving its current position in space and reaches its next point thus concentration of the intellect fully provides the soul with super consciousness or intuition where the past present and future can be seen as easily as the back of a barn:) in other words it becomes a tool of the intellect just like breathing.So through deep meditation that which veils the soul becomes pure so automatically the light of God is connected too the soul.So the great objective has been reached and the soul is in a state where gods vibration and its own are one and the same this would be called an Angelic soul or being