Wednesday, June 3, 2009


1st Step.SELF REALIZATION; Souls usually experience realization about there attitude and self automatically after going thru hardship,sometimes extreme, but not always. This can be in the form of illness,or basically a person reaching there lowest stage.So some opposing force creates the realization.Where as some one who meditates and is introvert this stage of realization will come naturally without any prolonged suffering or pain,it is quick, but ultimately both can reach the same level of realization. Though there is a saying in hindi "The Dobi Wallah or washerman can only wash the clothes so many times before they begin to tear",you get the picture

2nd Step OPPOSITION: This may come in the form of internal or external forces.That is from your own ego or from partners,relatives,workmates,police ,government etc.So an opposing force is necessary so a struggle is created between the higher self and the base self and with support from a social worker,friend,psycologist,meditation group,even your higher self a realization is born and the new understanding or feeling replaces the old

Step3 DEATH OR TRANSFORMATION; Usually this is an internal stage where the old self dies, or the ego dies and your positive motivated self emerges from the ashes.But for this really too happen you need too listen only too your inner voice in a state of silence,usually created in meditation for it too be a deep stage,but physical silence will also help but the change wont be so deep rooted.

Step4 AWAKENING: You awaken from the sleep of ignorance,there is a blossoming of values and virtues,deeper knowledge is loved and dharna or wisdom becomes realized.This naturally occurs in an old person but with the aid of an opposite force it will be deeper.

Step5 MEETING: There comes a meeting between yourself and your higher self or a recognition.Even a marriage.It can be called your Angelic self.Here knowledge crystalizes and becomes so deep almost godlike.

Step6 Understanding: you will appreciate cyclic time,travel the 3 worlds,astral travel,heal spirits,communicate telepathically,See the past present and future of every thought word and action,be in the now(superconsciousness).

Step 7 ANGEL Helper of God,begin too heal the world,giving peace,power whatever thing is spiritually needed too remove obstacles

Step8 Your inner self and outer self become One

Step9WORLD BENEFACTOR selfless your identity as self dissappears like an Arch angel Micheal,Gabriel,Raphael

sTEP 10 you become one with god no relationships with humans

Step 11BALANCE between soul consciousness and god consciousness

Step 12 World ie planet is influenced by your pure vibrations as well and physical transformation of Earth also occurs thus Heaven comes the Garden of Eden.Vaikunth etc