Monday, June 22, 2009

Cleanliness is next too Godliness

This saying is used in the world today buts its roots come from ancient times from ancient India. The temples in India are kept fairly clean and shoes are kept out before you enter.Women on there menstruation period arent aloud too enter temples,anyone having a bowell movement is too wash afterwards traditionally,in Islam before entering mosque face,feet and hands are always washed etc etc.But this is all symbolic of the true meaning ,It really means a clean intellect and a clean heart can have a true relationship with God. The intellect can be cleansed through deep meditation where the soul experiences true peace and power from the Supreme Soul, though a true heart always remains true and pure birth after birth though the discriminating and judging power becomes weak and suffers due too wrong actions and decisions.So basically when the soul cleans up its karmic accounts and bad character its automatically comes close too God.In India this memorial is more popularly enacted with the bathing in the ganges, in christianity through baptism etc:)