Sunday, July 26, 2009

the space between thoughts

I was reading a book by Deepak Chopra some time ago now about the space between thoughts and the effect of thoughts on your cells of the body and the functions of the body.I can even remember the title of the book it was Ageless Body Timeless Mind, and it deals alot with micro-matter like quarks and D.N.A etc.He was brought up in India as a little boy but was educated in the West as a Doctor so he has the best of both worlds.Where Silence and science come together,or as they say in India Gyan and Vigyan.So the last chapter of the book deals with Yogis and the power of the mind.And that place inbetween thoughts, I call that the soul or atma, the essence of the spirit where thoughts comes from , where our attitude comes from or vritti in hindi.Where our Karmic memories are stored too be played out or payed off.The buddhists call this our Akashic records.The soul in my eyes is a living point of light that cannot be created nor destroyed, that is eternal and journeys from one costume too the next on this eternal world drama stage playing out our parts.But a quick way too clear our karmic debts is too meditate on God and burn our sins of many births