Thursday, August 20, 2009

గేడ్ మైల్ Failte

Before St patrick came across too Eireland, the people worshipped the 5 elements, particularly the cow. He supposively banished all the snakes and converted the people too Christianity. The people may have been converted but there true spirit lives on, the little people, the leprechauns are a symbolism of that. Ireland literally means people of the heart, and if you know any Irishman you know they can see right through you, they know instinctively the chaff from the rye, except of course if there drunk too much Guiness, then its a different matter. They like too have a blarney and speak there mind, which can get them into serious trouble, but there heart is very true. After all it is also the land of writers and poets.Alot of creativity there and fervour. Take a look at the two national sports, Hurling and Gaelic Football and of course Irish dancing and the irish bagpipes. I think St Patrick, the great soul though he was, has pulled the wool over your eyes.I think a spiritual revolution is on the Horizen, go back too your true roots my brothers. Religion has caused so many problems(wars) You arent Christian or Protestant,you are all brothers (souls) under the banner of the Supreme Soul (God Almighty)Whos going too follow me in this revolution, its easy no guns or slogans its an internal revolution based on truth