Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am the child of a surgeon

I am the child of God the Supreme Surgeon so why cant I get treatment and surgery for free for my friends,in fact I can. My father has 8 specific treatments called the 8 Powers. He is a wholistic healer so no nasty anethestics are needed, just commitment too the surgery. The Dis-ease we all suffer from isnt just in the body, but in fact it is body-consciousness where the soul and spirit are being suffocated by the ego of the body, causing real disease like cancer, diabetes, scitzophrenia, aids and venereal disease, tubercolosis. All these can be traced back too anxiety,depression and lack of self respect trapped in the subconscious and projected into the DNA and into way of life and habits in society. Some of them are so deeply rooted in the pshyche they cant be fixed humanely others can be rectified through deep meditation and the experiencing of Delta waves in the mind and soul, eventually flowing through too the brains nueroreceptors and the bodies biochemical feedback:)