Sunday, August 2, 2009

Love is a battlefield

The above filmclip was in its heyday when I was a teenager and sort of sums up the feelings I was going through looking for "love",loooking for my place in the world etc. Now looking back love is a necessary battle we must all fight, too come too terms with who I am? Some loves occur between soul mates who meet for the first time and know destiny has chimed, a good example that comes too mind is a famous devotee of the Indian Deity Sri Krishna. Her name was Meera Bahen and she had so much love for krsna that she saw him in her minds eye all the time.He had many centuries before passed on,but she worshipped him as you would in the west too someone like Jesus Christ.Any how her mum and dad wanted her too get married, her being of that age, but she wandered around in complete ectasy in love with this idol,having visions time and time again, they thought she was crazy and tried too poison her, too finish this disgrace in the family, so she drank the poison thinking it too be nectar (amrit) offered too the gods, and it had absolutely no effect on her, true story.Any how in spirituality and in particular meditation I have now developed a loving relationship with God whom I call Shiva Baba (Supreme father and world benefactor).In fact my whole life, my every breath is now used in the pursuit of this relationship, and I receive in return love ,happiness, bliss, supersensuos joy as well as food,shelter,clothing and good company,not too mention faith and deep understanding of the laws of karma etc. So this is another form of love, love in todays world tends too be based on sexual gratifaction and status in society, not the old love , cherish and hold through good and bad till death do we part.I still see some of that but not much, its become a throw away society