Tuesday, August 18, 2009

సచ్రెద్ హార్ట్ సచ్రెద్ మైండ్ ప్యూర్ offering

When souls, particularly devotees offer things too the deities, like Krishna they dont generally offer alcohol and cigarettes. Do they offer bhog of eggs and cigarettes as bhorg in front of the Granth? No. They consider the granth too be like the body of Guru Gobind. They have so much regard for the Granth. Sikhs consider it to be as sacred as the body of their Guru. However, Guru Nanak didnt sit and write the Granth, Nanak simply incarnated. The number of Sikhs grew and later they wrote the Granth. Previously, the Granth used to be very small and handwritten.Now they consider the Gita too be a form of krishna. This is called ignorance. Everything depends on how much you imbibe.Through meditation you make your intellect like that of a sword, which can cut away illusion and negativity. Then the knowledge of the gita and the Granth and the bible and the koran can be understood accurately and in depth, then it is of use, not something that just pleases the heart. You will develop strength by having the rememberance of God,Allah,Sat Sri Akal,Yehwah in an accurate form and method.Rememberance is called the power of sharpness. There is also a difference in swords. One sword can be bought for a 100 rupees and another, a Samuri sword for example can be bought for $US 50 000, because it is methodically and sacredly crafted of 3 metals by a craftsman, and fired too a perfect balance and sharpness. A lot of regard is given too the sword of Guru Gobind and the Name Samuri is held in high esteem. The more you remember the father the more your sins will be cut away