Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The idea of purity in the Western world is so far removed from reality its like talking about UFO,s and aliens.It is an old fashioned word more at home with the 1800,s in stuffy old British society. In India the idea is there more so,and is even emphasised in there worship, a good example is the worship of the kumar and kumari,which are basically young children worshipped for there purity or more accurately innocence.It is a memorial of baby Krishna the first prince of heaven.But in the real world purity can only be seen in diversity and opposition.Where in admist confrontation and chaos a shining light is recognized in the form of a group or individual.There arent that many examples I can think of in the real modern world of 2009, older versions would be someone like Mandela, the African born freedom speaker.But in the context of Angels and meditation, purity is born out of introversion, soul searching and relationship, thus changing negativity and impurity in the soul, in my subconscious, in my character into virtue, positive and universal outlook and good relationships. So from manure roses do grow