Saturday, August 22, 2009

మేదితషన్ అండ్ visualization

Imagine you had in your house an ancient orb of light, which was found of the coast of Greece, where Atlantis was believed too have gone under the ocean. It is like a giant translucent pearl the size of a soccer ball.And eminating from it is a golden white glow which feels so warm too touch, its presence makes everyone in the household happy and content, and as it continues too be in that vicinity you notice the people of the town also warming up in attitude and friendliness towards you and each other. This orb of light is in fact a conduit or window between this world and the world where god resides, Soul world. And so the energy of God and of complete silence is permeating from that world too this. Pretty soon the Newspaper and TV people get too know of this phenonaman and its is soon broadcast all over the world, so the orb of golden white light is seen all over the world, and its effects are felt at the same time, wars begin too stop,deserts begin too bloom, poverty begins too cease, people begin too have smiles on there faces, and slowly but surely the unlimited vibration of soul world, Gods home, fills every inch of our world with this golden white light and the entire planet is healed:)