Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Days too all the millions of Fathers. If you believe in reincarnation we were probably all fathers at one time. Not too mention the original father of humanity Adam of the biblical times of Adam and Eve, whos partner Eve was fashioned from a rib taken out of his side. Pretty amazing stuff, though with gene technology today maybe they could achieve that (they grew an ear on the back of a mouse).And what about the Almighty Father, God, and we are all his children? How does that work? Anyhow Happy Fathers Day God.What sort of gift do you want? A golfclub or something, you could tee of in India and hit the ball too Europe and then too America, for 21 Tees, I bet you get a whole in one everytime.And what about the terrible Fathers like Attilah the Hun and Adolf Hitler etc , do they get a mention? Anyhow Happy Fathers too all Fathers whatever the type or colour or religion:)