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Avyakt Signals – May 2008

Keep the line of your mind and intellect clean and clear.

1. According to the closeness of time, your mind and intellect now have to be very clean because the time will come when these facilities will not be able to do anything. It will only be your spiritual power and BapDada's touchings that will enable you to do anything. At such delicate times, catching power and  touching power received through the power of silence will be essential.

2. Your mind and intellect will remain clean and clear when there is no name or trace of anything wasteful. There shouldn't be anything negative for any soul. No matter what others are like, you just have to forgive them and with your attitude of good wishes and pure feelings, adopt such pure vibrations, for only then will your
intellect be able to make the right decision at the right time.


3. The sign of a yogi is a constantly clean and clear intellect. A yogi would never say, "I do not know, I do not know". Because his intellect is clean and clear everything is very clear. In order to imbibe all virtues and all powers, the slate of your mind has to be clean and clear. Only then will you easily be able to use these powers.

4. Until now, the slate of the majority of you is not clear or clean. A little bit of the past and past activities, wasteful matters and wasteful activity is still in each one in a subtle way and it comes into a practical form at certain times. This is why you have to check: Is the slate of my mind completely clean of anything wasteful or anything of the past? Nothing should be merged inside even in the form of vibrations.

5. An angel means one who is completely clean and clear. With the power to accommodate, transform the negative into positive and accommodate it. Do not just accommodate the negative, but first transform it into positive and then  acommodate it and only then will there be newness. In order to use all the powers at the right time, the line of the intellect has to be clear.

6. The cleaner and clearer the line of the intellect is, the sharper your deciding power will be, and you will thereby be able to use whatever power you need at any particular time. This is because, according to the time, BapDada wishes to see every child free from obstacles, free from problems and free from making laborious effort.
Everyone has to become this anyway, but this practice over a long period of time is essential.

7. BapDada always gives this shrimat: Always have good wishes and pure feelings in your mind for every soul. Have an attitude of uplifting even those who harm you. This means having a clean mind. If you have any waste thoughts about yourself or others, that is not a clean mind. Have a clean mind, a clean and clear intellect for only then will you be able to create a double-light stage. This is the only easy way to
make your stage equal to that of the Father.

8. Always keep the line of your intellect clear, that is, there should not be any disturbance in the line and the line should not be cut off. BapDada wishes to give you extra power, blessings and extra help at some times, but if there is any disturbance, you won't be able to receive these. Therefore, together with having a clean and honest heart, always keep the line of your intellect clear.

9. The best thing that the Father loves is honesty. This is why people on the path of devotion say: God is Truth. The loveliest thing is honesty because those who are honest are also clean. They remain clean and clear. So, never let go of the speciality of honesty. The power of truth works like a lift.

10. If there are any disturbances in your mind or intellect or if your line is not clear you won't be able to know one another's thoughts and feelings. Because the line is not clear, it is possible that there is a mixture of your thoughts. Therefore, check that the line of your intellect is clear. Check that no type of obstacle is harassing your intellect. Check that your feelings are unbreakable, constant and

When the line of your intellect and of your effort is clean and clear, your future will be as clear in front of you as your present. Your future and present will become equal.

12. Those who know how to control their thoughts are able to increase their avyakt stage further. Together with controlling your waste thoughts, you should also have the power to be able to control your pure thoughts. If there is any obstruction in your line of effort, then remove that and make the line clear. It is only through this
method that you will attain your avyakt stage.

13. When you keep the account of your actions and thoughts clear, you will be able to become complete and an embodiment of success. If you are unable to clear your own accounts, how would you enable others to settle their karmic accounts and karmic bondages? Therefore, with the powers of knowledge and remembrance, with your will power and controlling power, finish everything that happened throughout the day and keep your register clean every day.

14. Nowadays science has created such inventions that anything that is written can be erased in such a way that you are not even aware of something having been written there before. In the same, you have to clean your register with the power of silence. Only then will you be loved by God, by people and by yourself.

15. Day by day, the more you maintain the power of your own awareness, that is, the more powerful you continue to make the eye of the soul, the clearer you make it, the more you will feel in advance of any obstacle that is to come: "Today, you are going to have a test paper". And the more you know in advance, the more you are able to be fore- armed and therefore able to achieve success.

16. The upheaval of your stage makes something clear unclear. Because of confusion, you cannot become bright. Therefore, make sure your stage does not fluctuate and only then will your awareness be clear. The more you care for yourself, the clearer you will continue to become, and you will accordingly be able to see success clearly and very closely in your effort and service.

     Your Divine Brother,   
                      Rakesh Jindal
                         OM SHANTI !

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