Sunday, September 13, 2009


People talk about Heaven on earth etc, they say Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, people also want world peace, they have conferences devoted too World Peace and religious tolerance. They even fight wars in the name of peace.But what practical examples do we have that Heaven actually existed, except heresay in scriptures and Paintings.If you have the oppurtunity please travel too India too Mt Abu in Rajasthan and see the Dillwara temple, built by the Jains. It means practically the temple of the loving heart and it accurately describes the deities of Golden Age which also can be translated as Heaven, and it shows Heaven on the ceilings. It also reveals how God descended too this area 5000 years ago into a medium or chariot too reestablish Heaven on earth because the earth had gone through lots of calamities and destructive times so God had too descend and right this drama, a bit like the dramas we are experiencing today. If you cant practically go there I suggest you look at these pictures and videos on this site and continue too follow this site and make up your own mind:)