Sunday, September 20, 2009

history or reality?

Those famous stories from Ancient Rome and Greece, the stone and marble remnants all point too higher civilizations, people of an almost God-like status and life. What happened too them, how did they achieve such prosperity, where are they gone? We can ask such questions and take heed of there plight. I believe they were pure souls who just descended from soul world, complete with all the powers, virtues and knowledge of new souls but they intermixed with the older souls who were also around left over from Adam and Eves clan, and there purity became watered down and tarnished, they created great architecture, philosophies, inventions and attracted great wealth, but in the great melting pot a downturn still eventuated. They may have also become arrogant about themselves and lost that connection too God or the creator, and so karmically they met there accounts. So be warned the Pomp of todays world could easily turn the same way, please keep our connection too God, meditate on who I am and who is God:)