Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the mother and the father

God and the acts of God in India is worshipped in many forms. Sometimes in the form of a Goddess such as Saraswati or Mother bharata or as himselk doing the dance of destruction as Shiva, dancing on a dwarf, which represents a dwarf or small intellect which is crippled, so Shiva dances the dance of knowledge and awakens the stone intellects of human souls, which is sometimes shown as the milk of knowledge. By the way Shiva in the form of Nataraja is actually half male, half female or you might say the Mother and the Father. Creation and Destruction go hand in hand and a true creator needs a consort or wife too perform his creation, this is a deep secret in the drama of creation. Even when you look at the more primordial forms of worship of god in India they have all over the place Shivalingums or black Phalanx type stones but they are always sitting in a yoni or womb like structure, again the male and female aspects of creation.