Sunday, September 27, 2009

ROYALTY(inspired by Prince Harry)

Throughout history we had many royal families, many kingdoms, even many Emporers and Emporesses. When I was studying at school they would say that some rulers got there title through divine right. That is you could fairly and squarely trace there lineage back too Jesus or some saint or super ordinary being.The Rulers would use the term "we" not I thus involving the state or God in there title. And some believed they were semi-mortal or goddesses like Cleopatra. Most were pure of motive though dark secrets can be seen. Even my name Healy has royal lineage in Ireland as one of the many kings and it comes from Haley as in Haleys comet, so we apparantly descended from the stars.So I'll let you in on a secret older than the Davinci code. The original Emporer and Emporess of not just a country, but the then known world, actually given too them by God is Adam and Eve. You may think that is just an old testament story with a grain of truth in it, it is in fact, but it isnt christian but older, 5000 years old, its found in ancient India, where Heaven was geographically located, in the true garden. The geography of the earth was different then, remember Atlantis etc. There original names were Laxmi and Narayan, you might of heard of Narayan; as a child he was called Krishna (remember the Hare Krishnas).
All these stories have some basis. So when creation began it in fact was recreation, and we went from Hell into Heaven and we are doing it once again, so keep your eyes and eras open.WATCH THIS SPACE:)