Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where does God Descend

In the Hindu scriptures they call God the true Emporer,he liberates everyone and gives the fruit.They speak these words but you also need too experience the feeling as well as the words. There are so many languages and so God has been given so many names. Here we call him Shiva Baba, the world benefactor father,everyone, all souls are in his intellect. It isnt that he comes in the impure land of Sindh, they have written this in the scriptures, so where did he teach knowledge?, where was he the sermonizer of the Gita.Did he truly sermonize the Gita on the back of a horse drawn chariot in the middle of a battle field,how did the great sage record all the words so accurately, no this is all fantasy and poetic invention, there is truth in the Gita but it is like a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour.All has been writen according too each ones language,desires and imagination.It is a worshipworthy text and millions of souls stand by it, the same as the Bible and the Koran and thre Granth but a writer always uses the power of description and impact according too there feelings. God himself has too descend and rectify the knowledge. Where does he descend and how. He uses the chariot of the most experienced soul, and that was Krishna or in English Adam who has reincarnated 84 times and was born as a Sindhi in 1937 in Karachi Sindh,then moved too Mt Abu Rajasthan, Madhuban this chariot passed on and now the chariot of Dadi Gulzar is being used for the Supreme soul too speak through. If you look at good temples of Shiva outside they will have a Brahmin Bull and then a tortoise inside will be the Shiva Lingum this is the accurate memorial. MORE TOO BE REVEALED WHATCH THIS SPACE:)