Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Common Ancestory

Prince Phillip was pulled up the other day at a meeting with top Indian Businessman, he noticed one CEO's nametag, bearing the name Patel, and commented that there was alot of his family around, as a joke, but it reached the Indian media, and they've had a field day, because in England Patel is the second most common Indian name coming in second too Singh. Its funny though in reality we all do, that is the human race, do come from the same origins, at least according too the Old testament and the Koran, even the Torah. We all originated from Adam and Eve. What was there last name ?, maybe it was Patel or Singh? But it is written rhat Eve was created from the rib of Adam by God ad that the world was created in 7 days. Talkabout DNA miracles and the Greenhouse effect, wow. Then the serpent tempted them and they ate the forbidden fruit and discovered they were naked and markets took off and Raulph Lauren took birth, just kidding, dont quote me the EEC will be on my back:). My thinking is that alot of these stories are symbology mixed with a pinch of truth. And the time lines of these stories maybe a bit out of whack.Though God must at some time created truth and pure thought, hes started enough religions, there is some weight in this. But the nuts and bolts of it are a victim of poetic licence. The organisation I belong too believes that God at this time enters the body of a man called Brahma, who was an Indian Jewell merchant, but now deceased, so now God and the soul of Brahma use the body of a third party, a lady Dadi Gulzar and are recreating Heaven. Too me it works, but for you make up your own mind, it fits the stories too some degree anyway, it gets me up out of bed every morning anyway. Anyhow too cut a long story short good on Prince Phillip for his joke, Gods a good joker as well just look at this divine comedy:) bye