Wednesday, October 14, 2009

India and Madhuban experience


Arrived in Ahmenabad on lucky 13th ,usual crowds, humidity, smells. Plane was absolutely chockers.
Journey was very smooth, hassle free, yukti-yukt. Usual encounters with maya, but the game is fantastic. Swine flu scare now gripping India,
In there layed back sort of way, its a joke really, ha ha:). I feel much more at ease with life. Stayed in a nice room, with a lovely soul from
Baulkam Hills, originally West Indies (Sham I think his name is). Amrit Vela was nice, 'Chit' is starting too have a deep clean. Susan came up trumps for her first time,
Souls are so mature nowadays. This journal feels like a good idea, I need some pics though, see what happens, off for breakfast now Om Shanti
you definitely have too imbibe divine virtues, you have been slaves too the old world and the 5 vices, now the elements become your slaves:).I saw this morning whichI honestly havent seen before
a tree full of peacocks, like about 12 of them roosting, in Ahmenabad wow.
I met Thien on bus too Madhuban from Vietnam, living in Saigong, 1 year in gyan.Have arrived at Gyan Sarover, at Mt Abu everything seems too be working out hunky dory. Even wifi on computer is working from the garden, nice