Saturday, October 17, 2009

Interview with a Yogi of Practicality

Interview with Chand

Where are you originally from?
Im from Guyana (British) in South America my Father was a Farmer and businessman, we grew sugar cane,ground provisions
barley and he also had a shop selling general merchandise

What religion were you?
Hindu, a temple was attached too my house, made of greenheart wood, with a large number of deities, starting with Shiva,
Laxmi and Narayan, Lord Krishna, Ganeshsa, Saraswati etc

What was the main significance of these too you?
Each one had there own representation (i.e.) Laxmi wealth, and we would worship them at different days of the week, in fact
my last name is Shantaram which means the pure heart of Rama so he was there as well

Magical Experiences?
Every Sunday I would clean the temple with soap and water and clean all the idols, but I had special attachment to Lord Shiva.
I would hold that deity in my hand and ponder over this being.

And now?
I think that all the Gods that I worshipped were just deities but the one God is the Supreme
Light the highest on high God that the Christians talk about.

You work?
My first job was with the Guyana Sugar Cane industry, coming straight from school with a Diplomat of Agriculture, and moved into
management, looking after all facets of sugar cane from tilling soil, plant husbandry, too extracting sugar and marketting
and I moved too Australia in February 1988, then I worked at Smith and Nephew, as Supervisor of whole manufacturing process,
they make products such as Nivea creme, bandages etc

Then moved into Pharmecutical industry with Glaxo smith Klein with all variety of medicines

How has this knowledge helped you at work?

Tremendously this has helped, a lot of stress in management so now I can take time out, naturally, deep breathing and concentration
and meditation on God and all worries fly away creating clarity and renewed energy

Future Prospects?

Continue meditation, in the process of getting council approval too secure a meditation centre and improve my meditation and teach others


Ramayan and Gita and Ghandi even all the rupees have his picture on them

Anything on health or spirituality

vegetarian- home made bread,Dhal and Paneer, chappatti etc

Thank you Bhai Ji:)