Friday, October 16, 2009

peace is my birthright


The Tapestry of virtue interwoven with the power of silence creates a magic carpet with which
you can fly through the 3 worlds and 7 Heavens. It makes my experience of this world extraordinary and dreamlike.
Not so much physical majesties but relationships between myself and mankind, my internal self and external self, my
imaginary self and my real self, all of these come together at a magnificant confluence of eternal rivers, flowing too
Paradise. This tapestry is also a shield of invincible inpenitrable light that no force can
immobilise or siege, if they do it is just for entertainment sake like the antics of the Gods
Please try your hand at this parody of light for your sake and mine because troubled times are upon us my friends,the troubled waters have even become more murky,
divine retribution is at hand, the great scurge is about too throw down its gauntlet, this is what I truly feel inside, only the truth can reign supreme, the just and justice will
rise and evil and irreverance will fall, come now my sweet friends and connect your yoga of the intellect too the Almighty with an even stronger conviction and taste the sweet nectar
of Heaven, not just the world but its essence, virtue itself Om Shanti