Friday, October 23, 2009

The pilgrimage of meditation

Deep and accurate meditation in my mind can be similar too going on a pilgrimage to a famous temple or too Mecca during Haaj or too Jerusalam during Lent etc.It is a process and a journey all in one, the process is of the renunciation of negativity from the mind,and intellect, in fact from the soul, ie on pilgrimages they fast and are celibate etc; and also a journey because you then travel in your intellect too your destination, in my case beyond the moon and stars too the incoporeal world or soul world too God or Allah, Shiva Baba in hindi. In hindi they call a pilgrimage a Yatra or sacred journey. In fact my experience is as though God is holding my hand on this journey of life, because alot of difficulties are encountered on such a journey, sometimes bandits or terrorists, sometimes natural calamities and sickness, sometimes you lose your passport. But meditation is a easy pilgrimage and simple which you can do from home or from your office and it is cheap, just 5-10 minutes of your time. and you within a second go beyond this land of clowns and noise beyond the sun and clouds too a golden red world of peace and silence where the Supreme soul sits in his magnificent majesty and power, what a beautiful scene, come with me my friends too a magical world of peace and happiness:)