Thursday, October 8, 2009

possessed by the devil:)

Throughout history there is documented evidence of possessions, theres been many movies made about this subject, but its all from the point of view of the supernatural. When dealing with the subject of deep meditation and changing from a human being too an Angel, after all this is what this blog is really about, there is another type of possession, that of the 5 vices, anger, ego, lust, attachment and greed. These may not appear as gross as something off the films but never the less in the long term may have such dire outcomes. For example greed, theres cases where people have grown so obese that they had too cut down the walls and use a crane too hoist them out of there own house too take them too hospital. these vices in our psyche can muddy our perspective on life, and undermine our judgement power result in more sorrow, a global example may be the green house effect where in the name of development and materialism (ego) has actually threatened the planet as we know it resulting in tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, genocide, famine , flooding, recession. These are all outcomes of one vice which may be just a thought or attitude expotentially multiplied, though its not as simple as I put it, there are many other factors, but how are we going too reverse this phenonamun. CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME