Friday, November 13, 2009

deep meditation experience

Just imagine you've flown too Cambodia and are venturing on elephant through the jungles of North Cambodia and Borneo, there is lots of mosquitoes, birds of paradise, Macaaws, Leopards in the distance and all around is dense wet rainforest.Up ahead the jungle opens too a clearing, lots of butterflys flutter about, in the distance big dark mountains can be seen. You signal the elephant too kneel and let you down, it lets out a throaty trumpet and drops to its knees, up in front of you looms an enormous ancient Hindu temple, barely recognizable, covered in moss and vines. Ferns and Fig trees are growing through it. You can make out an ancient entrance with stairs of sandstone worn by the ages and by human traffic. On the walls two torches sit in readiness, you pull out your lighter and light one, thus entering the cave, light flickers too its depths, bats take flight, rats run, the walls are moist and mossy. It is a simple temple devoted too the God of Gods, Shiva, the world benefactor,you feel the resonating vibration of millenium of homage and devotion. your torch reflects of a brilliant reflective surface, it is a diamond floating by itself half way up the cavernous space, the light reflects of it like a super disco ball, it is the size of a football in an egg shape. You are in awe, the silence eminating from it is palatable, you are pulled out of your body and float up too the diamond, like a star next too the sun.All thought of the past,present and future come too a holt, you feel complete and happy. Slowly but surely the experience subsides and you return too your body refreshed and full Om Shanti