Sunday, November 8, 2009

God as the creator

When God supposively created the world in 7 days and later spoke too Adam etc or during history God is recorded in different cultures andc scriptures as communicating too different souls, i.e Moses, Abraham, Adam, Mohammad etc. How does he actually do it, some versions are through the use of Angels, A burning bush, through dreams etc. But too me these are very misinterpretable mediums or communication devices. Then someone will say hey man just have faith. Fair enough but there must be a practical way how he created the earth and also speaks too us embodied souls. I believe he/she would have too use a person too communicate through so we can easily understand rather than from outer space or something. You get groups saying hey were the chosens ones, or this religion is or has the word of God, blah , blah ,blah.Show me the proof, I dont see anyone getting any better, everything appears too be falling apart, don't delude yourself with the glitter of the modern age, people are becoming crazy in different ways, not God-like. Sure there may be still a few oasis of virtue but on the whole its a circus. Thats why I took up meditation directly with God, cut out the middleman, and all the poetic licences, let me decide for myself the truth, the reality , the experience become self empowered:) Try it out