Wednesday, November 25, 2009

He who steals from death

This Swahili word is called "Mandohani" is the word the native people of the congo give too people of charity groups such as UNICEF etc which means "he who steals from death" pertaining too the food and water and medicines donated by these organizations that bring woman and children back from the brink of death and sometimes in rare circumstances back into a normal state of existance, usually because the famine or war lords ceases its hold on that part of the world. I was thinking that would be a good name for God, because the death of the soul is occurring all around us, in that the 5 vices are consuming souls across the globe in epidemic proportions, that is people are succoming too fears, violence, emotional pain etc instead of too there higher angelic self. So we need god too step in and take control, and an easy way for that too happen is through meditating on the Supreme soul thus reinforcing our higher self and others as well