Monday, November 23, 2009

Its all about you

The ancient yogis of India would comment how they have become the masters of matter, how is this possible? Well in this world there are 3 forces, or players basically. There is God, the Supreme Soul and the home of silence where we all come from. There is the soul, or human soul playing our parts on this world drama stage, and there is matter or the stage where we play our parts, which includes countries,continents, the 5 elements basically which are fueled by sunlight, whereas the soul is fueled or empowered by God, the sun of knowledge.So you have the history and geography of the world, up too this moment. In a pure state the human soul is the master of its 5 senses and of matter, so there is no karma involved between the soul and matter. The soul will be endowed with lots of wealth, knowledge and health as well, but as we come down from our state of purity and perfection, a state of Heaven on earth the population increases, resources get used up, our karmic accounts increase and our connection too God diminishes or gets weaker, so the earth,our happiness, our virtues all get corrupted and sorrow spreads.The only way too correct this is through meditation directly with God because thats where the power is, that was our original relationship, so please if you have the time and motivation take up meditation with God. God is a point of light,Jyoti Bindu, the soul is a living point of light, bindu and this Drama is a game of points, atoms