Friday, November 6, 2009

Loving and detached

There are alot of great souls out there, not just Mahatma Gandhi, throughout history there are recollections of truly remarkable people. What makes them stand out, it seems too be there conviction and faith in what they want too achieve. Whether it is political, religious or social outcomes. The problem even after these souls have left there mark the world hasn't relly stopped deteriating. Why? because we've reached a mass quantity of negative karma which realistically cant be balanced by positive karma, it can't be done, so we have too bring God into the picture once again, because that being is the one soul who is totally loving and detached, and is always full and complete, you know if you have a friend whos always upbeat how he/she always lifts your mood no matter what, the Supreme Soul is like that but on a huge level,( like 1000 upbeat friends). In fact when he enters the room (this world) the whole world begins too change(wo watch out its happening, so the old is shaken out ,washed and in comes the new.Then eventually Heaven is recreated,(he physically doesnt do it its just that unlimited vibration that does it)and souls that are closest too him ie Jesus,Mohammad,Guru Nanak, will get the signal first and others may not even get the signal because there antennae isn't tuned too that station, but as they see the transformation eventually they'll get the picture. So if you want too get in ahead of time tune in to the Hip station address at bottom:)