Sunday, November 29, 2009

revelation108 sent you a video: "R.E.M. Losing My Religion"

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Have you lost your religion?. Is it all a dream? What does the word really mean?.Well lets break it up Rel-igion, it means real origin, What is my real origin, Is it Christian,Muslim,Parsis,Sikh,Buddhist. No thats just the company name. My real origin is peace and i come from a world of peace, a world of Silence, my home. What do I look like , do I wear saffron robes, white gowns, purple robes, no; I am a living point of light like a star, a bright white point of light sitting in the centre of my forehead in the middle of my brain at the control room, behind the eyes. I have in fact been brainwashed too think I am this or that, when what I am searching for peace it already is inside me
R.E.M. ao vivo, no Canadá. R.E.M. live in Canada.
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