Saturday, November 14, 2009

Steve Erwin Day

Today in Australia its a national day commemorating Steve Irwin, you know the crocodile guy and all round animal enthusiast. He was so bubbling over with love for animals and there specialities that it made everyone who saw him enthusiastic,CRIKEY. He was like a living Dr Doolittle who spoke too the animals and also drew alot of attention too them and there plights. Its truly ironic how he was speared by a stingray from a distance without any sign of taunting or malpractice, thats karma for you, no matter who you are, and your good deeds, when your number is up, you have too heed the call. Funny though he wrestled many crocodiles, handled many venomous snakes but not a peep from them, then whamo hes gone but not forgotten, have you got your affairs in order? when the Grim Reaper comes a calling:)