Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kopenhagen climate change summit

Finally they have agreed or come too some understanding that too fix the planet you need too start at home first. Which is a breakthrough for the Americans with good old Obama at the helm.Its the same with dealing with crime in society, drugs, whatever social blight, the way too fix it is in the families first, namely the parents.But still too change parents behaviour is no easy feat you know the old story," to teach an old dog new tricks" In meditation circles the same rule applies, too change the world, too bring peace too the world you first have too become peaceful your self.Which is relatively simple because the original nature of the soul is peace. I the soul am a living point of light and I come from the land of silence the home. Then from this understanding, this idea of serving the whole world is possible. How, this initial step enable you too connect too God, who resides in the home of golden red light and is an untarnished being of peace and silence. God is also a star of light but he never comes into the play of birth and death. If we can achieve this we can truly change the climate of peacelessness in the world, then I think the 5 elements would also naturally co-operate