Sunday, December 20, 2009


Time is valuable, a stitch in time saves nine ,time is on my side, I’ve run out of time, time too kill, time out, times up, my days are limited. All these sayings are constantly used in everyday conversation and speech, because time is so precious too us and has a huge part too play in our psyche, our lives are ruled by time. Ever deeply thought why that is so? When in reality time is a universal concept and it only exists or comes under consideration because we place emphasis on it, thus we give it value. So it can mean the amount of money we have or make, the amount of things we can create, for a child the amount of play they can fit in on a holiday. For a scientist it can include millions of years or a nano-second. For God its just eternity. For souls its also eternity. Certain religions and groups say the day of judgement is approaching, others say we have parallel universes or you can pass through worm holes and dimensions or even travel through time. But who is travelling, it is the mind, the inner eye looking back or forward, it is I the soul looking through my inner eye. In Deep meditation time stands still, the inner eye focuses on silence and peace and the outside world is forgotten, even briefly. If we focus on God and our home we come too stillness and time doesn’t exist, there is eternity instead, so too forget all our problems and stresses 1 minute out of every hour should be used too focus on God and the world of silence