Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Day of Judgement or Dharamraj

In hinduism they talk about God playing the part of Dharamraj, and in Christianity the final days of the exodus is remembered, or some may say the Day of Judgement ,where souls are brought before a tribunal and tried for there sins. Too me this is a true thing but used in a controlling way, too make people live in a state of fear. For myself I judge myself every day anyway, probably more so than most people. How you might ask? In my meditation experience, particularly the early morning one, at 4.00 am I try too achieve a state of soul consciousness, that is a stage beyond sinful thoughts, even ordinary thoughts, which you could call a God-like state, in fact all my meditations are directed towards God anyway. Then that feeling and stage becomes the touchstone for the rest of the day. So this is how I judge myself, because negativity and sin creep in during the day, and I then can correct my character the next day. Thus I am creating a mirror for myself between God and myself automatically. Where as normal people don't have that discipline nor that knowledge, so therefore for those souls who can,t control and purify their natures therefore the Day of Judgement is created for them, it is just a natural purification process at the end of time. But for me Raja Yoga meditation is a quicker and easier way too purify myself than the severity of Dharamraj:) Om Shanti