Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flying a Kite

Have you ever flown a kite. Sometimes you need too let the string out, other times pull the string in,sometimes too your right sometimes too your left. If the kite becomes too tense it will break or too loose it will crash. Meditation is exactly like that, it requires a middle path, not forceful but not slack. Having empathy and understanding of the self first, your original nature of peace will automatically begin too blossom like a rose, and emitt powerful perfume in the form of powers and virtues which will be attractive too you and others. Though be wary of the thorns of the rose, they are still there, until you reach wisdom and perfection they still protect the rose from danger and communicate too you what needs changing in the self. The hearts nature is too cling and grasp until it becomes mature, then it takes on the role of world benefactor and canopy of protection for the self and then the thorns are not needed, they will also turn into buds and flowers. But you don't need too run away from your mind, just stay right there and simply experience the good and the bad like a good, entertaining movie. This is meditation:) Om Shanti