Thursday, January 21, 2010

Relationship with God

Most people have some type of relationship with god. Even if they are athiest there is still a relationship there, though a negative type one. Religious minded souls will be in a group, or a church, or an ashram etc some organized type of worship. The problem with alot of spiritual people is there relationship with God is based upon rituals, a building, a priest or guru, scriptures etc. Where in a real relationship in the world between lovers or Mother and child etc is much more endearing and deep. Real lovers will remember there beloved all day long , even in there dreams, they may not eat or sleep because of the yearning for there lover. This is not always the case nowadays, but there are historical documentation of such souls lost in love. I think our relationship with God should be of the same intensity and reality. Not just when we go too the temple or church or sit down too meditate etc. The rememberance and love for God should be 24/7 in every breath every action. This is how I experience God, not just at said times or nominated times, sure ego and human feelings come in between but not for long, now is not the time too waste time:) Om Shanti