Friday, March 12, 2010


In India they celibrate the festival of Rakshabhanden ( the burning of Raven) but still the 5 vices and Maya (illusion) attack all the Bharat Niwasis every day in different forms, even under the banner of Bhakti Marg, why because now Maya is omnipresent, the blind king of the Kauravas has gone mad, insane and materialism has infected everyones heart and soul. Now the true Pandavas have too come onto the battlefield once again, ready for the final Mahabharat war. It was only the Kumaris who could shoot the arrow of truth and defeat Bhishmapitima, a reincarnated brother. Spiritual and Alokik intoxication is the mirror of faith, not the no. of times you go too the temple or the number of verses of the Upanishads you can parrot.Maya cannot perform any tricks on those who are constantly happy and intoxicated. And I don't mean intoxicated with Ganga(opiates) or drugs etc. Maya cannot enter the kingdom of a carefree Emporer. Krishna is shown cutting off the heads of the demons with the swadarshanchakradari. This is not just a story it actually happened, but the time line is incongruent. The soul of Krishna is here and now, at the fag end of Kaliyuga, though he has incarnated( reincarnated many times now) so his form is Gupt(incognito), but he is not and never was a crocodile, a elephant, with many arms, etc etc. For God sake wake up he is a human being, with a special role like Mahatma Ghandi etc. Checkout the meditations on this page for further truths