Monday, March 8, 2010

Meditation is an incognito effort

Too change from a Human Being too an Angel, at least in your consciousness is a very incognito matter, maybe too introvert and sublime for some souls.The word incognito, means literally beyond the cognitive process, even beyond your own awareness.So though you may be putting in the hard yards, the transformation in your psyche and attitude can only be readily measured over a long period of time and best measured against like minded souls who are on the same path. Because the calibration of your mindset is like measuring the negative ions on an element of Hydrogen in a laboratory.An Angel is one who only has God in his mind and intellect, no other thoughts or attitudes, so it is such a high destination. So don't be too hard on your current position, after all we are works in progress. And when the transformation has occurred it will be openly transparent and apparent, and not just on a mental level. Have fun, practice with the video meditation on the next post:) Om Shanti