Friday, March 5, 2010

Mirror mirror on the Wall

Remember these famous lines from Snow White "Mirror mirror on the wall whos the fairest one of all", and eventually the mirror replied snow white was the fairest one of all. Causing the plot too unfold. In the real world the fairest one of all, particularly in terms of meditation, isn't a human being, but in fact is God, the Supreme Father Supreme Soul. And the mirror that he uses too grant a vision of himself is knowledge. Which in todays terms has been watered down by good intentioned human beings. Resulting in the scriptures of the various religions. So we need too hear it from the horses mouth, even if we are good meditators, still the mind will not be an accurate mirror. This is why people adopt gurus and mentors, too create a touchstone. But they are very quickly becoming blemished by vice, by the poisoned apple, so everyone is in a deep sleep of ignorance. I believe I have found the correct channel too talk too God , just look at the previous video, it reveals God descending into a medium too speak the knowledge. If you have faith and want too know more keep track of this sight and the ones listed at the end of the page. Revelation is at hand:)