Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fairies or Faires

In Hindu mythology Fairies are called Pharista which is also connected too the word Angel. Though now the words and there meanings are very convaluted. In medieval times fairies were seen and felt as everywhere especially in nature. They were subtle protectors of vunerable things with magical powers and a little bit naughty. Sometimes also called Deities or even Trolls, Gnomes and Goblins. Even people of the 21st century believe in them.But the truth be known, now don't cry, they are a deep subconscious human memory of the residents of Heaven who have been personified with our imaginations. They were god-like humans who lived in a perfect world of the Golden Age, complete with telepathic powers, Gold, diamonds and valuable stones, flying vehicles, complete peace and happiness. Even the birds and trees sang too them. The idea of death or disease was non-existant, because the soul left there bodies as would you changing your dress at night too go too sleep. And this perfect state existed for 2500 years in degrees of course. Even children were born through immaculate conception so too speak. No vice or sorrow existed there. Then due too the law of entropathy everything changed slowly but surely too where we are today, full of vice and sorrow. But don't worry what comes around goes around and that Heaven on earth will come back around again:)